System Summary

Site: Steward Observatory, Kitt Peak
Aperture: 0.6-m
Instrument: Spectral Inst. 800 Series CCD Camera
Detector: E2V TE Cooled CCD
Format: 2048 x 2048, 13.5 µm pixels
Pixel Scale: 0.5″/pix
Field-of-View: 17′ x 17′
Filters: B, V, R, I, Hα (50mm diameter)
Limiting Magnitude: R ~ 17.5 (10 s), R ~ 18.5 (60 s)
Slew Speed: 8 °/s
Response Time: < 25 s
Software: Perl Client/Server


The Super-LOTIS telescope operates autonomously every clear night. The science targets can be modified on a daily basis. With a full schedule the system often obtains more than 300 one-to-two minute exposures per night.


System Architecture

A png file showing the system architecture will be provided here.

More to come!

News: Super-LOTIS is imaging supernovae in support of the AzTEC and SNSPOL programs at UA, and of NASA Swift supernovae.

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