System Summary

Site: Steward Observatory, Kitt Peak
Aperture: 0.6-m
Instrument: Spectral Inst. 800 Series CCD Camera
Detector: E2V TE Cooled CCD
Format: 2048 x 2048, 13.5 µm pixels
Pixel Scale: 0.5″/pix
Field-of-View: 17′ x 17′
Filters: B, V, R, I, Hα (50mm diameter)
Limiting Magnitude: R ~ 17.5 (10 s), R ~ 18.5 (60 s)
Slew Speed: 8 °/s
Response Time: < 25 s
Software: Perl Client/Server


The Super-LOTIS telescope operates autonomously every clear night. The science targets can be modified on a daily basis. With a full schedule the system often obtains more than 300 one-to-two minute exposures per night.


System Architecture

A png file showing the system architecture will be provided here.

More to come!

News: Super-LOTIS is imaging type Ia supernovae in support of the SweetSpot NIR SN Ia program.

Discussions are underway to replace the Spectral Instruments optical camera with an ITL camera optimized for the U band.

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