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Since routine operations began in October 1996 LOTIS has responded to over 55 GCN triggers; approximately once every 14 days. Poor weather conditions, late time triggers, BATSE particle events, SGR events and imprecise Original coordinates excluded many of these events from being classified 'good' LOTIS events.

The best LOTIS events are listed in the table below. The first two columns display the BATSE trigger number and the UTC date. In most cases the fluence values were determined by summing the fluence in the four energy channels given in the current BATSE GRB catalog. In some cases the fluence was determined by integrating the best-fit Band GRB functional form for the entire burst from 20 keV to 2000 keV. The two errors listed are the statistical error of the final BATSE coordinates and the error between the Original BATSE coordinates and the final BATSE coordinates. Since LOTIS images an area centered on the Original BATSE coordinates a small error in column five implies a greater probability of complete coverage of the final BATSE 3-sigma error circle. The duration of the burst and the LOTIS response time are given in the final two columns. For bursts with column six smaller than column seven LOTIS achieved truly simultaneous optical observations.

More information on idividual bursts can be obtained by selecting the BATSE Trigger Number. GRB 970223 which was among the top 3% of all BATSE GRBs in terms of fluence was the best LOTIS event. GRB 971006 with a duration of 150 s was the longest LOTIS event. LOTIS obtained eight images of nearly the entire BATSE 3-sigma error circle during the GRB 971006 gamma-ray emission. An X-ray afterglow of GRB 971227 was detected by BeppoSAX refining the search area for optical activity to a 1.5 arcmin (6 LOTIS pixels) radius error circle.

Table of the Best LOTIS GRB Triggers

Trig. No.UTC Date Fluence/10-6Stat. Err. Orig.-Fin. Err.DurationLOTIS Res.

yymmdd (erg cm-2)(deg)(deg) (sec)(sec)
5634 9610170.51 2.92.7311
5719 9612201.8 1.53.6159
6100 97022348.0 0.732.03011
6117 9703080.81 5.813.6214
6307 9707141.7 2.87.1114
6388 9709192.3 3.05.12012
6414 9710069.3 0.66.815017
6546 9712270.93 1.712.0710
6891 980703

7360 990129

7457 990308

7475 990316


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