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Gamma-Ray Burst Detectors

COSSC - Compton Gamma Ray Observatory (CGRO) Science Support Center

BATSE - Burst and Transient Source Experiment at Goddard Space Flight Center

BATSE - Burst and Transient Source Experiment at Marshall Space Flight Center

OSSE GRBs - CGRO/Oriented Scintillation Spectrometer Experiment

COMPTEL GRBs - CGRO/Compton Telescope


RXTE/ASM GRBs - Rossi X-Ray Timing Explorer All-Sky Monitor

HETE-2 - High Energy Transient Explorer

Swift - Gamma-Ray Burst Midex, Multiwavelength Observatory

Gamma-Ray Burst Localization

GCN - GRB Coordinates Network

IPN - The Third Interplanetary Network

RBR - BATSE Rapid Burst Response

GRB Optical Transient Search Experiments

GROCSE - Gamma Ray Burst Optical Counterpart Search Experiment the precurser to LOTIS

ROTSE - Robotic Optical Transient Search Experiment

ETC - Explosive Transient Camera

LONEOS - Lowell Observatory Near-Earth Object Search

Bradford Robotic Telescope

NEAT - Near-Earth Asteroid Tracking

NOAO GRBs - National Optical Astronomy Observatory

USNO GRBs - U. S. Naval Observatory (Flagstaff Station)

MDM GRBs - Michigan/Dartmouth/MIT Observatory at Kitt Peak

Tautenburg GRBs

NOT GRBs - Nordic Optical Telescope

HST GRBs - Hubble Space Telescope

Misc GRB Links

Jochen Greiner - information on localized GRBs.

Misc Astronomy Links

DSS - Digitized Sky Survey.

USNO PMM - U. S. Naval Observatory Precision Measuring Machine


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